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Breath Control & Meditation Workshops: Called pranayama and dhyana in Sanskrit, Long Life Fitness offers two different workshops: one for the average person wishing to improve general physical and mental health, reduce depression and anxiety, and improve learning and memory; the other a more specialized version for athletes and others wishing to achieve "flow" state more predictably. Both of these two- to six-hour breath control and meditation workshops incorporate yoga nidra, guided meditation, to prepare the brain for meditation. Offered to yoga studios, martial artists, competitive sports teams, and other special groups.

Yoga for Athletes: If you are an athlete, yoga can complement your training, making you a more efficient, more focused, and more balanced athlete. Yoga is great for golfers, runners, swimmers, martial artists, and equestrians -- taking overused joints through their full range of motion and stretching taxed muscles while strengthening their weaker, opposing muscles. Yoga can teach you to stay calm and eliminate distractions, increasing your ability to perform at peak levels consistently.

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Self-Defense Workshop for Women and Teen Girls: Long Life Fitness offers a two-hour Self-Defense Workshop. Research shows that self-defense skills can reduce your chance of being the victim of a violent assault. Designed to empower women to fight back, this workshop teaches participants how to recognize fear and to take action to escape from threatening situations. You will feel more confident in your ability to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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Personal fitness training using yoga to develop strength, flexibility, and peace of mind.

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