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Long Life Fitness offers three, six-hour programs using principles of exercise physiology and yoga, to help those with specific goals: learning the fundamentals of yoga; loosening tight hamstrings; or improving the physical and mental aspects of your sport.

At your first session, we’ll begin your yoga session with supplemental exercises, yoga postures, breath control, and meditation designed to address your weaknesses, inflexibility, stresses, and imbalances, in order to make progress towards your goals. Subsequent sessions begin with a discussion of your weekly progress and issues and end with fitness planning for the week ahead. You must commit 30 to 60 minutes a day for homework to make progress from where you are now to where you want to be. You will make safe and rapid progress.

Yoga Basics
This program is for those completely new to yoga. If you want to begin a home yoga practice, this program gives you the skills and knowledge you need to feel comfortable practicing safely on your own. Or, if you want to attend a class at a studio, but feel too intimidated, after these six hours you’ll know what to expect in a studio class. You’ll learn postures, breathing, meditation, along with locks and gestures, and class structure. Any questions you have will be answered.

Reaching the Toes
This program is for athletes or non-athletes, yoga practitioners or not. If you find yourself hindered in your sport or yoga practice by tight hamstrings, this program teaches you the yoga postures and stretching techniques to help you make contact with your toes, without injury. Gain more pain-free range of motion and freedom of mobility.

Performing in “The Zone”
Take yourself to the next level. This program is for athletes or advanced yoga practitioners. Using yoga postures, breath control, and meditation, you’ll develop the physical and mental skills to perform your sport in “the zone,” or flow state, more consistently. Learn postures to bring your body into balance. Learn to relax and concentrate, to use your mind to your advantage with visualization and positive self talk, and to incorporate positive rituals into your daily practice.


Breathing & Meditation Workshop Flyer

Formats Offered
All programs are offered privately one-on-one, in small groups, or a workshop format. Private sessions naturally allow you to make the most progress, however, due to financial or time constraints, you may wish to train in a small group, or in a workshop. Private one-on-one sessions are offered at Leslie’s Catskill Park yoga studio, or at your home or business. Small groups and workshops are offered at an agreed upon location. The cost of each six-hour program is $750, paid half in advance and half after three hours.

See also Classes & Workshops.

Customized, short-term programs that address specific issues and with concrete goals are available upon request. Long Life Fitness will be happy to discuss with you.

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