General vs specialized yoga


Last time I wrote about the benefits of yoga for the athlete: increased concentration, focus, and “flow,” an ability to stay with discomfort, balancing the body’s strength and flexibility, and listening to the body, etc.

You may already be going to a yoga studio for classes. You may already be feeling the positive effects of yoga classes. “Why bother with private sessions or classes designed specifically for athletes?” you ask.

Yoga for athletes sessions are tailored for athletes of a particular sport. The physical demands of runners and cyclists are different from those of tennis players, golfers, football and basketball players, and skiers. The movement patterns are different, overuse issues are different, and recovery issues are different. Each yoga sequence in a yoga for athlete session addresses those particular demands, while a general yoga class addresses the demands of the class as a whole, whether the participants are athletes or not. It may even be harmful, for example, by overstretching certain muscles, leading to a loss of needed power. Private sessions for the athlete go even further by customizing the session for the athlete’s physiology and psychology.

Yes, you may eventually “get it” by going to regular yoga class after years. “It’s the process,” you may hear. If you are like me, as I approach my sixth decade I realize my time for continued physical and mental development through my sport (martial arts) and yoga is limited. Private, specialized, yoga sessions for the athlete can address the specific issues moment by moment for the entire session. The athlete gets 100 percent of the instructor’s (my) attention. The athlete, (you) can ask questions. The session becomes a dialog on how your mind and body are responding and what you are perceiving from your body. This immediate feedback loop leads to profound, immediate, and positive change.

Additionally, private sessions can be scheduled at your convenience, at a place of your convenience. This is much less stressful than rushing to class before “OM.”

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