Yang Yin Yoga

This mixed-level* class tackles the twin scourges of aging: muscle wasting and stiffness. It incorporates vigorous and stimulating strength-building postures for the first part, then transitions to calming, flexibility-promoting postures for the second. The session finishes with guided meditation for total physical and mental relaxation. As you refine your physical and mental skills through the yoga process, your body will feel balanced, i.e., stimulated yet relaxed, while your mind will be focused and peaceful.

Mondays & Fridays 10:15 to 11:45 a.m.
Mountain View Studio, 20 Mountain View Ave., Woodstock, NY 12498

* While variations are given, this class is NOT for absolute beginners. Students must know basic yoga postures.



Previously: Performance Yoga for Cyclists & Runners

This two-hour workshop aims to bring the body and mind into balance. We begin with a mixed-level, moderately-paced posture (asana) practice. By performing postures that reinforce patterns crucial to running and cycling, and also ones that are underused, you learn how to prevent muscular imbalances and overuse syndromes. You will also learn how to increase your range of motion and dynamic balance, thereby improving form, efficiency, and power. The asana practice ends with long-held postures to improve flexibility and speed and reduce pain.

Then we look at the physiological and mental role of breathing in your sport, practicing breath control techniques (pranayama) that stimulate and relax.

Finally we practice an extended guided meditation (yoga nidra) that allows you to practice these physical and mental skills while in a deeply relaxed state.

During this workshop, you’ll learn about

  • the five qualities of elite athletes and how yoga develops them.
  • yoga postures that promote strength and balance.
  • techniques to increase flexibility.
  • performing “in the zone” more predictably.
  • the power of your inner wisdom to prevent injury.

Based on contemporary principles of traditional yoga, sports psychology, and exercise physiology, this workshop is sure to improve your performance.

$40 purchased online; $50 at the door
Mountain View Studio, 20 Mountain View Ave, Woodstock, NY 12498
Saturday, March 3, 2018, 2 - 4 p.m

I feel more able to handle anything that’s thrown at me and have a new habit to have a peaceful day. Thanks, Leslie!
— Martha A.