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On November 1, it will have been one year since I moved back to upstate New York. This red-letter day also inaugurates the Beginners Warm Vinyasa class. I’m excited to tell you about this new class, the continuing classes, FREE Reiki sessions, and a possible self defense workshop. Read more below. Of course, private sessions continue, with programming changes in the works. Loving life up here!

New Beginners Warm Vinyasa Class
Announcing the new, upcoming, Beginners Warm Vinyasa class, starting November 1. This class is for people interested in learning hot styles of yoga, but feel they aren’t ready for a demanding Bikram or hot vinyasa class. We’ll learn all the basic postures (asana) in a warm room, heated to between 85 and 95 degrees, allowing plenty of time for your body to adapt and enjoy the benefits of hot yoga. In addition to postures, we’ll learn and practice breath control (pranayama) and guided meditation (yoga nidra). Wednesdays 4:30 to 5:45 p.m. at Saugerties Hot Yoga.*

New Hot Vinyasa Class & Hot Yin
The Monday morning Hot Vinyasa class at Saugerties Hot Yoga is attracting regulars. So far, we’ve explored shoulders, hip flexors, and leg rotation. Come find out what this class is all about; each Monday from 9:30 to 10:45 a.m. Try this Yang-style class that complements the Sunday afternoon Hot Yin. Yin postures stimulate the meridians by being held for one to five minutes. Traditional Chinese Medicine advises stimulating the lung meridian in the fall to release unneeded habits. The heat of the room intensifies the benefits of the lung meridian-stimulating postures, letting soft tissues release long-held tension. Join us Sundays from 4:00 to 5:15 p.m.*

Interested in a Women & Teen Girls Self Defense Workshop?
College-aged women home for Thanksgiving? This is a great time to offer this two-hour Self Defense workshop for females only (aged 14 and up). Participants learn how to recognize fear and how to respond to a threat. (You may not know that I’ve studied martial arts for almost 10 years—studying Isshinryu Karate (second degree black belt), Systema, and currently Aikido.) Let me know if you’re interested in a workshop to be held the afternoon of November 25.

Only two Reiki master training spots still available. Reserve your sessions now before I begin charging! In exchange for your constructive criticism, you will receive three, FREE, Reiki sessions. You must commit to all three sessions, preferably a week apart. At your place or mine. Text, FB Message, or call me to schedule.

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