Jennifer Hunter
June 9, 2017

About a year and a half ago, I stated taking group yoga classes on the recommendation of my psychologist for dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression issues. I also started taking a serotonin re-uptake inhibitor medication for the same issues because I was completely unable to deal with normal everyday life. I did my own yoga at home once and a while, but not on a regular basis. Last autumn, my psychologist and I decided to discontinue our sessions because the issues I was having seemed to be under control with the meds. I was no longer in crises and had learned some tools for dealing with individual stressors as they popped up. We also decided that if I was still stable the following spring (March 2017), after talking to my doctor, I could go off the medication. Also, during the winter months my activity level plummets and I tend to gain weight. Every spring I try to “get fit” so I can be ready for the white water rafting season when it begins in April. 

I started with Leslie at the end of January with the intention of having a strong stable footing with yoga and meditation practice so that when I stopped taking the medication I would be able to stay off it. I wanted to have a quiet mind and soul to be able to calm the anxiety and stress of life. My other smaller goal was to “get fit” for rafting season. 

By the end of the sessions, I am no longer taking the medication, and (so far) am able to deal with normal everyday stress and anxiety. Now I understand the importance of a daily yoga practice, and I am doing more personal yoga on a slightly more regular basis (between 2 and 4 times a week) than I was before I started with Leslie. I am doing some sort of meditation on a daily basis, usually before sleep, but often while walking or gardening. I have also incorporated many of the postures I learned from Leslie into my own personal routine, which I do before every rafting trip. I was more fit by the end of the sessions too; loosing a few pounds and an inch from my waist. I was able to fit into my cold weather gear and paddle down the river! 

Leslie gave me direct instruction in breathing and mediation, as well as how to achieve a meditative state when doing yoga practice. She taught me correct posture, movement, and breathing for all the yoga poses we did together. She introduced me to yoga nidra and restorative yoga. Leslie showed me how to intensify my practice for building muscle strength and endurance. She also helped me with muscle kinks and knots that form in my back and shoulders, from stress and old injuries, by guiding me through specific stretches to alleviate the tension. By the end of the sessions, we were even starting to discuss ancient yoga teachings concerning daily yoga and meditation practice as well.

Leslie is an amazing yoga teacher who was able to help me through a difficult stage of life and move on to living.

Scott Kent
January 3, 2017

What a gift it has been to have private yoga instruction from someone with the experience and knowledge of Leslie Snow. Leslie is a wonderful instructor, and my time spent with her has been spiritually and personally rewarding. Her direction has started me on the path I have desired and look forward to continuing. Thank you, Leslie!

Robert Sosankin
October 20, 2016

I have watched Ms. Snow develop my daughter, Shauna's, skills in Karate for the last 3 years. Ms. Snow is a ruthlessly focused instructor who takes pride in what she does and is in large part responsible for my daughters development both in and out of the dojo over that time. Perhaps Ms Snow’s greatest asset is her ability to provide direction in a clear, direct manner, while at the same time projecting a positive, upbeat style. Her students, mostly 8 and 9 years old, respected her and never questioned her authority. The parents of those students, including myself, admired her strong leadership skills, which combined with her patience with those not gifted, enabled her to be an outstanding instructor. I would highly recommend Ms Snow, and we will miss her.

Thank you to Leslie Snow for leading a Self Defense Workshop and Flowing River Qigong and Yoga for hosting it. I was fortunate to attend this workshop along with 5 other women, all ages and physical abilities. Leslie taught us all how to become more aware of our surroundings and how to effectively defend ourselves should we find ourselves in a dangerous situation. Leslie is an excellent instructor who is extremely knowledgeable and helped all of us learn skills to protect ourselves. I appreciated you guidance and encouragement.

I was fortunate to have Leslie Snow lead a Self-Defense Workshop at my studio today. I highly recommend this program to all women who are concerned about safety. Leslie helps participants learn effective skills that can be used if they ever should find themselves in a dangerous situation and need to protect themselves. We all walked away with helpful knowledge and techniques that take fear out of the equation and replace it with courage and a sense of empowerment. Women of all ages can benefit from Leslie's guidance and encouragement. Most of all, with Leslie's proper instruction, you will no longer feel powerless because you will know exactly what to do

I was fortunate enough to have some private yoga lessons with Leslie. She is incredibly knowledgeable and is always ready to give you the lesson you need. She customized our sessions to help me reach my goals. She started me on the path to learning about Yoga and myself. I had a particular interest in mindfulness and breathing but didn’t know where to start. She gently guided me to help me learn the yoga positions and added those that would help strengthen areas when I arrived feeling achy. Now I can calm myself when stressed and have incorporated the breathing as a daily ritual to prepare my day and to end it for rest. I feel more able to handle anything that’s thrown at me and have a new habit to have a peaceful day. Thanks, Leslie!

Elda Franklin
May 2013

After Leslie’s thorough initial assessment, it was apparent I was not in very good shape. I was unable to hold a plank for more than three seconds, tops. My wrists lacked the flexibility to fully place my hands at a 90-degree angle to the floor without pain. As a professional musician (violist), I was afraid that I would damage my wrists, and so I was hesitant to use my hands. Tree pose was especially challenging, and at first I was unable to maintain any balance at all.

At Leslie’s suggestion, I started keeping a journal. This encouraged me to examine closely the progress I was making and what was changing over time. Little by little, I began to notice changes, especially in my upper-body strength and flexibility in my hands and wrists. After each session with Leslie we took a few minutes to reflect on my progress, and I always felt encouraged and motivated to continue working toward becoming more proficient and comfortable with yoga. I can now hold plank—using correct form—for at least 12 seconds, and I can do three of these in a row. Tree pose is now comfortable—at least at the first level.

Because of my work with Leslie, I feel confident enough to take yoga classes, because I know I can function without risk of injury. This was the best money I've ever spent!

Chris Sanford
March 2014

Five years ago all I did was work. As the owner/operator of a large grocery store, I’d work 60 to 80 hours a week! My blood pressure was 139/90 and body fat was almost 32 percent. Leslie met with me two to four times a week at 6:30, when she led me through Pilates, yoga, high-intensity interval training, and deep relaxation. Though my responsibilities with the store caused me to cancel frequently, Leslie’s stimulating sessions motivated me show up for training. After two years my BP was down to 117/86 and body fat was down to 30 percent. I’d lost more than five pounds, almost all fat. Those numbers may not seem like much, but I felt stronger and much more relaxed. The biggest change was in the quality of my movement; I noticed the increased control and ease downhill skiing! Better than ever!

Rachel Johnson
March 2014

SCIATICA and YOGA -- should they be yoked together? Because Leslie Snow was my yoga instructor, I can answer that question with a resounding YES!

Only a few years ago, as a beginner, I entered a yoga class taught by Leslie. Not because of yoga, but only months into the class, sciatica became an issue for me. My physician suggested a routine of exercises. Much to my delight, Leslie already had incorporated these exercises into our practice.

Leslie carefully explained and skillfully showed me how to move my body to do it no harm. Knowledgeably, she taught additional poses that help to relieve sciatica. Likewise, Leslie gave specific attention to the needs of each student.

Because of the strong foundation laid by Leslie, I still practice yoga. Although I am no longer a student of hers, I continue to benefit from the lessons she taught. Also, I continue to enjoy the sense of community that Leslie created among her WOO-HOO Yoga Ladies of Wadesboro, NC. To be taught by Leslie is to experience progress and peace.