Beginners Yoga Series

This program is for those completely new to yoga. If you want to begin a home yoga practice, this program gives you the skills and knowledge you need to feel comfortable practicing safely on your own. Or, if you’ve wanted to attend a studio class, but feel too intimidated, after these six hours you’ll know what to expect. You’ll learn how to perform postures and their modifications, so you can perform them safely, breathing, meditation, along with locks and gestures. Confidence, energy, strength, and flexibility ensues. Any questions you have are answered. Great for seniors.

You have two options: Six 60-minutes classes or four 75-minute classes.


Restorative Yoga & Hands-on Reiki

Get two great therapeutic, energetic techniques at the same time! You’re sure to be more relaxed and feel more peaceful.

We’re excited to offer you this 90-minute class with therapeutic, restorative yoga postures held for five to eight minutes, while both Susan and Leslie perform healing, hands-on Reiki. It will calm your autonomic nervous system, allowing your body a chance to heal itself. We’ll conclude with guided meditation.


About your instructors

Susan Blacker trained at Kripalu and has taught yoga for 16 years. She is certified in therapeutic yoga for seniors and restorative yoga, among others. She is also an Advanced Reiki practitioner. Leslie Snow, RYT E-200 & 500 & also ACSM CPT, received her yoga training in India and Charlotte, NC, training others for 10 years. She is a practicing Reiki Master.

L, Leslie Snow and R, Susan Blacker

L, Leslie Snow and R, Susan Blacker

Flex Techs

What is the relationship between strength and flexibility? Join us for this two-hour workshop to discuss obstacles to flexibility and practice various techniques to overcome them. *Not necessary to be a martial artist to benefit.

Topics include: frequency/duration, dynamic stretching, isometric and isotonic contractions, PNF, and long holds. 


Performance Yoga for Cyclists & Runners

This two-hour workshop aims to bring the body and mind into balance. We begin with a mixed-level, moderately-paced posture (asana) practice. By performing postures that reinforce patterns crucial to running and cycling, and also ones that are underused, you learn how to prevent muscular imbalances and overuse syndromes. You will also learn how to increase your range of motion and dynamic balance, thereby improving form, efficiency, and power. The asana practice ends with long-held postures to improve flexibility and speed and reduce pain.

Then we look at the physiological and mental role of breathing in your sport, practicing breath control techniques (pranayama) that stimulate and relax.

Finally we practice an extended guided meditation (yoga nidra) that allows you to practice these physical and mental skills while in a deeply relaxed state.

During this workshop, you’ll learn about

  • the five qualities of elite athletes and how yoga develops them.

  • yoga postures that promote strength and balance.

  • techniques to increase flexibility.

  • performing “in the zone” more predictably.

  • the power of your inner wisdom to prevent injury.

Based on contemporary principles of traditional yoga, sports psychology, and exercise physiology, this workshop is sure to improve your performance.


Self-Defense Workshop for Women & Teen Girls

Long Life Fitness offers a two-hour Self-Defense Workshop. Research shows that self-defense skills can reduce your chance of being the victim of a violent assault. Designed to empower women to fight back, this workshop teaches participants how to recognize fear and to take action to escape from threatening situations. You will feel more confident in your ability to protect yourself and your loved ones.

We all walked away with helpful knowledge and techniques that take fear out of the equation and replace it with courage and a sense of empowerment.
— Marie T.

Breath Control & Guided Meditation

Called Pranayama & Yoga Nidra in Sanskrit, these yogic practices help achieve overall health and tranquility. Benefits include improved athletic performance and cardiorespiratory function; and reduced anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Bring pillows or mats to sit or lie comfortably.

workhshop flyer.jpg

and also
Breath Control & Guided Meditation
for Optimal Performance

The practice of certain mental skills, such as rituals, visualization, relaxation, concentration, and self-talk, helps one to quickly learn and execute physical skills, from running a race to playing the piano. As the mind and body are united and strengthened through these practices, optimal physical performance results. Based on contemporary principles of sports psychology and exercise physiology, and also traditional yoga, this workshop is sure to improve your game, whatever it may be: running, cycling, dancing, horseback riding, martial arts, swimming, body building, gymnastics, ice skating, etc.